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I offer short and long-term therapy for children, adolescents, adult individuals and couples.

I will work collaboratively with you to determine your long and short term goals. These goals may include things in your life that you may be seeking to shift, change or perhaps you are looking to increase acceptance of what you are going through.

It is my experience that there are times in life when we feel like we may need some guidance, support, help and/or mentoring from a professional.

There can be tremendous value in talking through your ideas, challenges, and feelings with a therapist who has good listening skills, compassion, intuition, empathy, educational training and expertise to work collaboratively with you to increase your ability to constructively self-reflect, increase your self-understanding and self-acceptance.

Individual Therapy

In one to one work, we will look for ways to grow in awareness, insight into understanding of and acceptance of who we are. We will focus on relating to ourselves with kindness, and on ways to make progress in the areas that matter.

Experiencing positive self-empowerment may be an outgrowth of this work. We’ll work together for a 50 minutes per session, at a level of frequency you determine – although it’s frequently supportive if initially sessions are closer together.

Couples Counseling

Couples seek psychotherapy often because a dynamic exists in (or is lacking from) the relationship that prevents a fulfilling connection. I offer a supportive environment where we explore the dynamics present and enable you as a couple to make choices and develop communication skills that will allow for a more enriching relationship or for the choice and support to move past the relationship.

"When it comes right down to it, all you have is your self. Your Self is a sun with a thousand rays..." ~ Pablo Picasso

I incorporate the following modalities in my practice

Psychodynamic and Psychoanalysis
Psychodynamic psychotherapy is similar to psychoanalysis in its view that emotional difficulties are connected to one's unconscious conflicts. Psychodynamic therapy is typically more short-term than psychoanalysis, although both address how one's unconscious is contributing to current thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors. This unconscious is made up of childhood experiences that get internalized, "forgotten", but are enacted repeatedly in adulthood in ways that are sometimes self-defeating or unproductive.

Behavioral therapy
This form of therapy is focused on your current thoughts, behavior and ways of relating to others rather than on your early childhood experiences. The patient is helped to identify distorted thinking and resulting maladaptive behaviors, and direction on how to change this thinking. Cognitive therapy helps the patient learn effective tools and skills that help change the way you think, feel and behave. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is action-oriented and helps you to gain competence and confidence in dealing with real-life issues.
Soul Centered Psychotherapy
This form of theapy focuses on healing what stands in the way, and remembering the gifts you are here to share. From the perspective of the Soul, it makes no sense to judge our experiences, which are simply opportunities to learn and grow. By learning to release outmoded judgments and beliefs, we can begin to live the joyful life we deserve.

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